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TRO-MB4-1 Basketball Female Double Star MB4-1 Trophy - 13.25"

  • Model: TRO-MB4-1_FBK_Double_Star_w/_Ris

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Female Basketball Double Star MB4-1 Traditional Trophy

13.25" Tall MB4-1 Double Star with Riser Trophy

    see below for details

This is great for a participation award or a special award for a Most Valuable or Most Improved Player. We are able to customize the engraving to fit any award you would like to present.

Estimate Overall Dimensions: 5" (L) x 13.25" (H)
Figure Material: Plastic
Figure Height: 6.25" Tall
Riser Material: Plastic
Riser Height: 6.25" Tall
Base Material: Black Marble
Base Size: 4" (L) x 2" (W) x 0.75" (H)

Individually Gift Boxed: No

Estimated Plate Area Available on Base: 3.875" (W) x 0.688" (H)

Gold Flexi-brass Plate Included With:
    Three Basic Lines of Engraving

Examples of Engraving Ideas:
First & Last Name
Team Name
Season & Year

Most Improved Player
'05 Green Hornets

Most Spirited
Boulder Creek High School

**The marble base is natural, real marble and not one piece is identical to another. Most bases may have hair lines color within such as red, green and/or orange on a white base and white hair lines on the black marble base.

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