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Trophy Shack, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions - (623) 937-8333

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us at anytime!
Phone:   1-623-937-8333
Fax:       1-480-393-5334
Our regular business hours are Monday thru Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM mountain standard time and we are closed on weekends and holidays.

If you reach us while we are away from our desk or closed, your call will be returned as soon as possible - within 48 hours. If you need immediate assistance, please send an urgent e-mail.

Your First & Last Name
Two Contact Numbers
Company Name -- if applies
Your Shipping Address
Product Number
Product Description (size, color, etc.)
Full Engraving Information -- includes logos/images (see art requirements)
Presentation Date
Date Requesting Pickup/Shipment
Purchase Order Number -- if applies

E-Mail us at

Fax to 1(480)393-5334
Please Note: We do not accept artwork that is submitted via fax. Ensure your printing is legible - Trophy Shack, Inc. is liable for engraving mistakes due to poor penmanship.

Website or

( transfers you to our sales page within

- Login to your account with us.
- Select your award
- Fill in the engraving fields or e-mail your engraving information
- Provide your presentation date and requested completion date.
- Continue through the checkout process.
- A representative will review your order and confirm receipt of order and provide a confirmation ship/pickup date.

Yes, either upload your artwork on our website while you place your order or send your artwork to It is highly recommended that you send both a PDF and EPS file. See "What are your art requirements?" for further details.

Please Note: By providing artwork to Trophy Shack, Inc. you authorize that you have the legal right to use the artwork submitted and you assume full responsibility for copyright or trademark infringement. Trophy Shack, Inc. and it's employees assumes no responsibility for copyright and/or trademark infringement.

Best Results
EPS file with all text converted to curves/lines
Engraving: Black & White (not grayscale)
Full Color: RGB
Second Option
PDF or JPEG file, 300 DPI at 3" in size
Engraving: Black & White (not grayscale)
Full Color: RGB

PLEASE NOTE: If your art does not meet the requirements above, send what you do have without altering the art yourself to Include your name, best daytime telephone number and what award type you want to engrave on (acrylic, trophy plate, etc.)

We greatly appreciate as much lead time as possible and we understand that two weeks' notice is not always possible. If you know your award ceremony is coming up, but you will not have the engraving until later – submit your order and we will begin processing your order for production and schedule your order. Once engraving data is available, submit all information to along with order/estimate/invoice number.

In Store Pickup - Standard production time is 7 full days
Shipped Order - Standard production & shipping time frame is 14 full days.

Production Time Frame Excludes:
- Weekedns and Holidays
- Orders total over $500
- In Store Pickup - 14 full days
- Shipped Order - 21 full days
- Where otherwise noted (example custom ribbons and bronze plaques)

RUSH Service Available -- See details below

RUSH Service Available -- See "Does Trophy Shack, Inc. offer rush service"

Unsure if we can meet your deadline. Submit your order request via e-mail and call to notify our office that a RUSH request has been submitted. We will notify you as soon as we have confirmation that the order can or can not be completed.

Ensure you provide: -- See "What information is need to submit an order?"
Product Number, Product Detail (size, color, etc.), All engraving information - including logo, your first & last name, shipping address, two contact numbers you can be reached at, your presentation date, your requesting in hands date.

Yes, Trophy Shack, Inc. does offer Rush Service! Please submit your request via e-mail as noted under "Can you meet my in hands date - delivery date?"

Please Note:
- Rush Orders have to be approved by a Trophy Shack representative.
- Are not always available; if our schedule allows time for your order, we will accommodate you.

We ship to the 48 contiguous states and we do not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Yes, we can ship your orders anywhere within the 48 contiguous states.

We do not ship internationally. Due to the additional fees for international shipments, at the end of an order a majority of the cost would be shipping - usually more than the product itself.

Shipments In State
Orders that are shipped within the state of Arizona are charged a state tax (6.3%).

Shipments Out of State
Orders that are shipped out of state are not charged sales tax, If your state has a use tax, it is your responsibility to pay the use tax.

Tax Exempt
If you are tax exempt, ensure a copy of your exemption form is on file or provide a new copy to Trophy Shack, Inc. prior to your ordering being place.

Trophy Shack, Inc. does not reimburse tax to customers that did not have their exemption form on file prior to placing their order. Trophy Shack, Inc. is required to pay any and all taxes if they were collected at any point in time or if a copy of the exemption form is not on file prior to an order beginning being processed. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 1(623)937-8333.

State of Arizona: 6.3%
Out of State Sales: 0%

Available from the State of Arizona Department of Revenue website:

Go to the Arizona Department of Revenue website for forms

Commonly Used Forms: Arizona Form 5000 and Arizona Form 5000A

At this time, we are no longer extending net terms to any customers that are not currently setup on any special terms. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (623) 937-8333 or by E-Mail at

Yes! We do accept purchase orders from approved customers. Please contact our office by telephone or E-Mail to confirm your company has been approved.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not already have a PO number, we ask that you allow additional time for PO verification and approval from both your institution and Trophy Shack, Inc.

- When does production on my order begin?
Since most orders are time sensitive, all orders typically begin being processed once both the order and full engraving has been provided – includes logos.

Website Orders
In addition to the order and full engraving being provided we require full payment to be made (can exclude shipping) and both the shipping and billing address to be the same. Shipping is then required to be paid prior to Trophy Shack, Inc. shipping an order.

Orders Paid with Purchase Orders (PO)
A copy of the purchase order must be E-Mailed, faxed or mailed into our office. Upon receipt of PO, order and engraving information, we will begin processing your order.

- How can I check the status of my order?

Website - Online Order
Go to > Log into your account > Go to “My Account” > Click on “View” for the order in question.

Storefront – Phone – E-mail Orders
Call or E-Mail Trophy Shack for an update.

- What if I placed my order and found an error and need to make a change or correction?

Contact our office immediately by phone or e-mail with any and all changes. Since most orders are time sensitive we begin processing an order as soon as possible. If the order has already begun production or parts have been ordered, applicable fees will apply.
Any changes or additions to an order must be made 72 hours prior to due date, providing items are in stock and/or prior arrangements have been made.

- What if my order is received and it is incorrect or there are engraving errors?
Here at Trophy Shack, Inc. we double check our orders prior to pickup/shipments. Though we are human and mistakes from time to time slip through.

Trophy Shack, Inc. Error: No Charge to the customer
Customer Error: We will let you know the charge prior to us beginning work

In an effort to prevent mistakes, Trophy Shack, Inc., requires proofs on crystal, acrylic, some plaques and large trophy orders. Once a proof is approved, the responsibility of the error is then the customers regardless of the error being on Trophy Shack, Inc.’s part and additional fees may be charged to any redo order(s)/engraving(s) if mistakes are not caught prior to order production.

How mistakes are handles:
We will make every effort to provide your redo within a reasonable amount of time and in time for presentation.

Plated Awards
trophy plates, plaque plates (with screws), medallion plates, etc.
A replacement plate is provided for you to replace the incorrect plate on the award.
- If you are local and prefer to bring the award back and have us exchange the re-engraved plate, please contact our office to make arrangements.
Awards Engraved Directly Into
Acrylics, Crystal, Plaques (engraved directly on or plate does not have screws), Dog Tags, etc.
A replacement award is completed as soon as possible and shipped upon receipt of the original award and engraving approval.

- Order Re-Do Fees?
Trophy Shack, Inc. Error
No Charge to the customer
Customer Error:
We will let you know the charge(s) prior to us beginning work – most orders are discounted. Please contact at 1(623)937-8333 or by E-Mail at

PLEASE VIW “What if my order is received and it is incorrect or there are engraving errors?”

- I received my order and my award is damaged.

If your award(s) were damaged due to shipping we ask that you keep the award and the box it was shipped in and contact our office immediately. We will make every effort to ensure you receive your replacement(s) in time for your event and/or within a reasonable amount of time.

If the award was shipped, the replacement will be shipped the same way the original order was shipped.

- Why should I order online?
Ordering online is simply and easy. You can upload your engraving when available or e-mail your engraving list and logo(s). After your order has been completed, you are able to review your order history – including engraving information, check the status of your order and get tracking information once available.

- When will my order be ready for pickup?
Orders are completed by the time and date provided on your paperwork. If there is a delay for any reason what so ever, we will contact you as soon as possible.

- Do I have to pick up my order after 3:00 PM?
Orders are scheduled for pick up after 3:00 PM to help the staff complete orders more efficiently. If you are unable to pick up after 3:00 PM and you have been notified that your order has been completed and ready for pickup, please feel free to pickup when is most convenient for yourself.

- Why is my order pending?
If you have requested or we require a proof on an order and we have not heard back from you or a question comes up regarding your award/engraving, you order will remain pending until final approval is received or any and all questions have been answered.

Trophy Shack, Inc. is not responsible for orders that are not completed on time if we are unable to contact the appropriate party should any question arise.

- Why was my credit card transaction voided?
Trophy Shack, Inc. monitors online credit card payments and orders very closely. Any orders that are placed and paid for with a billing and shipping address that do not match are voided. We will make every effort to contact you to resolve the issue and process your order as soon as possible.

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