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Basketball, Male

Manga Sport Resin

Basketball, Female

Manga Sport Resin

Model #: (P) 84503GS

Model #: (P) 84505GS

Model #: (P) 84507GS

Model #: (P) 84500GS


Manga Sport Resin

Model #: (P) 84515GS

Model #: (P) 84514GS

Model #: (P) 84520GS


Manga Sport Resin

Model #: (P) 84506GS

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Manga Sports Resins

Manga Sports Resins

   6” Tall

- Includes a plate with three lines of engraving

Example of engraving: Name, Team/School Name & Year


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Manga Sport Resin


Manga Sport Resin

Soccer, Male

Manga Sport Resin

Soccer, Female

Manga Sport Resin