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Laser Engraving

CO2 laser engraving is achieved with carefully configured mirrors that focus a high intensity beam of light through a focal point into various substrates to achieve finely detailed engraving.

Diamond Drag Engraving

Diamond drag engraving utilized compressed air, a DOS based computer along with an engraving diamond to engrave clean lines of text into the surface of flat metals to reveal a contrasting color to the top of the plate.  This method produces beautiful contrasting engraving on a multitude of colored engraving plates.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting utilizes compressed air along with a medium that is forced through a nozzle to scratch off the surface of glass or crystal which produces very distinct etching. Beautiful results can be achieved when using this process.

Our substrates that are sandblasted:    •  Glass   • Crystal   • Marble


Sublimation is an ink transfer system that imbeds specialty toner into the protective coating of specialty coated materials.

Our substrates that are sublimated:    • Gold Aluminum   • Silver Aluminum   • White Aluminum

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